And force us to live pressure cooker-like mental pressure, which compels our untimely demise. On the contrary, this book suggests the ways to come out of such mental illness and lead a tension-free, healthy and happy life, that let us live 10 years of extra fit and fine life before departure from this suffering full human planet.

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Practice to listen the Intuitive voice of your soul


‘INNER VOICE’ is all about the practice to hear and perceive the intuitive language of the soul. Like the creator of this universe, and all of His creation like air and fire, heat and cold, day and night, smell and odor, etc. are not visible, but only sensible. The same way, God has concealed a device inside our body (Like GPS), through which He keep daily records of all living being on His master computer. Accordingly rewards and punish us for our spiritualistic and devilish karmic actions.

Through these tiny stories, I tried to explain how we can live a happy and peaceful life following His invincible principles. In this highly materialistic age, human beings forgot who we are? Where we come from? What is the purpose of our life? And where we are heading towards? Why human being is leading a suffering full, deceptive lifestyle? Why aimlessly and blindly running after material wealth, as fairly knows that we landed on this mundane earth empty-handed and suppose to leave empty-handed. Why mad of so comfort lover, as we all aware of the fact that no accumulated wealth will accompany us on our departure to another world? These short stories not only encourage readers to quit the wrong path of life that the present human brain over brim with stress, ego, anger, hatred, selfishness, etc. that develops 95% of our mental and physical illness.


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