Most of the religious sentiments are similar to the army troupes fighting under the order of senior commander. The same way our religious sentiments hijacked by our family, society and religious preachers. The way the military attired and equipped with arteleries, ready to fight against the animy troupe on order of the troupe commander, the same way each religious bigotry troupes compll us to attire and follow directions of the religious leader without perceiving the writ or wrong of the facts. As on 2nd world war, the American troupes attacked on Japan’s Herosima and Nagasaki with atomic bombs, without knowing the consequences which rendered myriads of innocent civilian died and new generation still getting birth as maim. The same way our religious preachers hijacked our believe system, forced forced us to follow a particular way of lifestyle and ready to sacrifice life if any hurdles comes on way and we do live life on the same way.👇

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