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A to Z of Time Management

The book gives an insight from all-round A to Z of time management required for nurturing human brain to grow as respectable human being on this human planet. There is no shortcut to success except hard work. Hence A to Z of time management is my precious collection of skills required for the best time management clues that required to trim our useless time wasting moments, those junk our mind and fretting away our precious productivity actions for our life growth.

A 2 Z Time management

Pradeep K. Sahu

The host, Pardeep K Sahu is a qualified Journalism and Mass Comm. professional. Worked as Ad Copy Writer for various advertising agencies. Also worked for corporate communication for NGO of international repute till 2019.

Due to corona lockdown, authored above three books. One on psychology under the banner of “Neuro Plasticity” and two volumes on spiritualism under banner of “Inner Voice”. All books are published and marketed across the globe by Amazon. In the mean time my decades old dictionary titled under “Diction” ready to reach English writing skill developers which is the need of the hour as the corona pandemic demanded virtual communication as personal discussion become the matter of yanks.


Practice to listen the Intuitive voice of your soul

‘INNER VOICE’ is all about the practice to hear and perceive the intuitive language of the soul. Like the creator of this universe, and all of His creation like air and fire, heat and cold, day and night, smell and odor, etc. are not visible, but only sensible. The same way, God has concealed a device inside our body (Like GPS), through which He keep daily records of all living being on His master computer. Accordingly rewards and punish us for our spiritualistic and devilish karmic actions. Through these tiny stories, I tried to explain how we can live a happy and peaceful life following His invincible principles. In this highly materialistic age, human beings forgot who we are? Where we come from? What is the purpose of our life? And where we are heading towards? Why human being is leading a suffering full, deceptive lifestyle? Why aimlessly and blindly running after material wealth, as fairly knows that we landed on this mundane earth empty-handed and suppose to leave empty-handed. Why mad of so comfort lover, as we all aware of the fact that no accumulated wealth will accompany us on our departure to another world? These short stories not only encourage readers to quit the wrong path of life that the present human brain over brim with stress, ego, anger, hatred, selfishness, etc. that develops 95% of our mental and physical illness.

Inner Voice

 And force us to live pressure cooker-like mental pressure, which compels our untimely demise. On the contrary, this book suggests the ways to come out of such mental illness and lead a tension-free, healthy and happy life, that let us live 10 years of extra fit and fine life before departure from this suffering full human planet.

What is a book for us?

Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.

Make your life better always

A book is a version of the world. If you do not like it, ignore it; or offer your own version in return.

why to read books
Why to read these books?

Books have the power to transport us to new worlds and different times

Books are food for our mind and soul

The library is inhabited by spirits that come out of the pages at night.

Neuro Plasticity

Neuro Plasticity

The book explains how the human brain function like a divine computer. Our day to day thoughts act like software input into our computer-like brain, and after due process, our day to day thoughts changes into our actions. Our actions change into our behaviour and our behaviour leads us to our destiny. This book is the user’s guide to assist carefully the input of thoughts that unfold red carpet to walk on to an amazingly happy and meaningful lifestyle. Such guidelines are extracted from the ancient scriptures of ‘Bhagawat Gita’ and ‘Upanisedhes’ of Hindu Religion; ‘Bible’ of Christian; ‘Qoran’ of Muslim Religion; and so on. Almost all religious scripts depict the same aims and objects. Hence this book not only helps developing self mind power, but it build up physical and mental muscles to face any kind of adverse situation in life. This book shows the bidirectional life paths by which we lead our life aimlessly. And it guides us to how we can bring 180-degree turn by following simple principles in life. It explains about the formation of the human brain. Functions of each part inside our brain. Guide about what leads to weakness of each part and how to strengthen each weaken part to get extraordinary output in our life. This book can be considered as the bible of the human brain that drives us to unbelievable result-oriented life. This book also act like antivirus software that cleanses the day to day dirt that settle down inside our brain without our knowledge. This also prescribes various simple exercises, ways of our dietary system and daily activities that help us to upgrade our brain to super-genius dominie in our life.

Nature is the true God

Only those live with nature enjoy blissful life

This book ‘Nature is the true God’ is a sincere effort to cleanse the distorted perception of most people formed an imaginary image of the God on subconscious mind, taught from the family, friends and society we live in. We approach a particular place of worship such as pictorial or statutory object within home or nearby religious shrines on daily basis. On designated festivals our offer of obeyance is just an outward showcase of our respect towards God. We blame God for our failure and sufferings, but claim self credit while get success on temporary basis. Such practice is just for showcasing our materialistic status within the society. This is because we are unaware of our true root of our life and final destination of our life journey. Only a handful of ascetic practitioners those who tries to stay away from such materialistic allure, transient pain and pleasure, and indulge life aligning to the natural orders of the creator are the true devotee of the God. Such sacred souls fully aware of body is the temporary outer cover of our eternal soul and all day to day accumulated spiritual karmic action is the only wealth that traverse along to the next lifespan, and only source of absolving from the painful birth and death cycle. Absence of this bitter truth that 99.9% of people force to nurture outer temporary body and unaware of the eternal soul the true propeller of our outer body till the soul discards when the body get unserviceable and obsolete. 

Nature is the true God

Hence my sincere request to 99.9% materialistic club members to join 0.1% spiritualistic guild and reach the final destination of life journey dissolving into the ocean of divinity.

Pradeep K. Sahu​

Pradeep K. Sahu​

A message from the author

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The writer doesn’t write a lot, but he belives in writing something which carry deep meaning and can transform people’s life from misery to more consciously and more meaningful. 

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Prahlad Suri
Prahlad SuriMeditator
Read More
"INNER VOICE" Oh my God. I got the chills so many times toward the end of this book. It completely blew my mind. It managed to surpass my high expectations AND be nothing at all like I expected.
Kamini Tiwari
Kamini TiwariHouse Wife
Read More
Though all the boos are highly recommended but Readers who have been searching for something to fill the “Mind & Soul”-shaped hole in their hearts will find comfort in "Nature is the True God"
Mahesh Sharma
Mahesh SharmaVocalist
Read More
This book says it all… period! After 10+ years as a spiritual “seeker” I have finally found the answer(s) I have been searching for…this book is incredible… every word, every page resounds with wisdom, depth, clarity, and pure consciousness… astounding! Buy it, read it, meditate on it, read it again and HOLD ON… your life is about to change! Namaste, my brothers and sisters…
Daisy sharma
Daisy sharmaTraveller
Read More
Have just read the book and WOW!! it is by far the best and most inspirational spiritual book I have ever read…am on to the second reading now and am still getting goosebumps. Many, many thanks for this book!!! Will recommend it to everyone I know… Thans to the writer Pradeep K sahu !!

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